Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A neighbor surprised us today with a knock on the door. She and her son who's the same age as Carson came to visit. The boys played amazing together. They had a great time and I was thrilled that there were no fights or injuries. Nathan was pretty shy and quiet. I felt good talking to our neighbor, Crystal, and having some company around. It was nice because we don't know a lot of people in our town. I'm hoping to have them pop in much more often.

Nathan mostly watched the boys and then decided he didn't want them around him so he kept shutting himself into Carson's room. Crystal and I were in Nathan's room. Then Nathan decided to bring every single book out of Carson's room one at a time and stack them up in front of us ladies. He was so proud each time he added one. I was amazed at how high he got his stack and it never fell over! He's getting so grown up.

Carson and Josh played with the tools and crawled under his bed and 'fixed' it with his hammer and drill and such. Then Josh taught him how to hang from his upper bunk and swing. This was fine with me b/c I've tried to show him before (naughty I know).

Okay so boring post, but we had a good day. They wore themselves out and are fast asleep now.

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Maeve's Mom said...

Hooray for being naughty. At least swinging from a bunk bed he'll land in a soft place!