Friday, October 24, 2008

Things I don't want to forget

Tonight Greg was out running an errand at the hardware store. He took the boys with him and was later than he expected to be so he picked up some fast food. When they got home I was in the basement and Carson asked if he could eat down there if he didn't have any BBQ sauce. (I thought that was smart of him, but he's my kid so of course I do.) So they had a 'picnic' in the basement. Mostly Nathan just walked around with food, but Carson ate his dinner. Greg and I were doing some work while they were eating and we hear Carson say. "I'm all done. May I be excused, please?" My heart just swelled with love and pride. He's on the basement floor and his brother's walking around with food and Greg and I are working on things and my boy still used his manners! I think that was amazingly sweet and I couldn't resist praising him and covering him in kisses.

Today we all danced to "I've Got a Song in my Tummy" and did the movements and sang it. Sweet little Nathan looked back and forth from Carson to me and followed along with the movements. He was so cute leaning over to get his toes and squeezing his nose, and my favorite...the 'song in my heart' was actually his hand on his neck, but hey he gave a great performance!

I am part of a private message board with a group of women and a few days ago one of the girls called me. Carson and Nathan were playing in the bedroom. Well, when the phone rings, Carson has to run and ask who it is. So I told him it was Mommy's friend and he didn't know her. He said, "Is she from your board".

I was making cookies a couple days ago and I had the first sheet in the oven. The timer went off and I checked them, but they needed a couple more minutes. I sat down and then forgot all about them. Not just for a few minutes but for about 10 minutes. They were beyond being edible if dipped in milk. I said, "Oh no, I burnt the cookies!" Greg asked how badly. "I said, they are really burned." I put the next sheet in the oven and sat down on the couch. Carson came over and said, "Are the cookies burned?" I told him, "Yes, Mommy forgot to take them out on time so they burned." He got a very serious look and a serious voice I've never heard before and said, "It's okay. We'll call Mimi and she'll know what to do." Where did he get this idea? So I said, "Ok" and didn't give it another thought. He was still standing there and said, "Mommy, it's okay. Call Mimi and she'll know what to do!" His inflection was adorable. So guess what, I had to call my mother and tell her I burned cookies and need to know what to do with them. She laughed and suggested I throw them out. Thank goodness I have Carson and my mom to help me through the really hard times.

Today Nathan did a little dance in the living room and then he began to turn in circles which is often does. He finally got himself too dizzy and fell down and bumped his head on the entertainment center. He was a little fussy and then started crying and came to me. I picked him up and hugged me and he was bawling. Then Carson calls loudly from his bedroom, "Baby! Baby, come in my room and play on the bed!" Nathan stops crying instantly, slides down and goes running down the hall.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Toddler Tornado

So I'm sick today. The nasty tummy kind. I'm also very, very dizzy and stumble whenever I get up. I got the boys breakfast this morning (frozen waffles and fruit). After breakfast I laid down on the couch to rest and they played in the living room and their rooms. Carson asked for a snack and as soon as Nathan heard that word he was in the kitchen hollering. My head was spinning so I asked Carson to bring me something out of the pantry and a plate from the clean dishwasher. He brought me pretzels and two bowls. I filled them each and Carson put the bag back into the pantry. All seemed to be going fine as I laid on the couch with my head spinning. They were loud and hollering and I heard toys being dumped out and typical noisy boy play, but they were getting along better than usual. This is should have worried me.

I got up about 11:30 to get them something for lunch. I noticed that there are toys everywhere and under the layer of toys was a layer of Nathan's pretzels and his empty bowl. Apparently, they were not appetizing to him. I just gave it a silent 'whatever' and got their lunch ready. After lunch I walked down the hall to the restroom and glanced into Carson's room. His curtains were on the floor and the curtain rod (just the cheap kind) was still held by screws to the wall, but broken in half and sticky out on each end. WTF? Seriously? Can a sick mom not just rest on a couch? Why is this not possible? How do they know I'm so out of it that I wouldn't hear such a thing take place? Oh they are crafty, little boogers.

I ask Carson what happened in his room (which is also covered in toys and his blankets and pillow). He said that they wanted to open the window but he didn't want to ask me because I was sick and needed to rest (love when he uses my own words against me). So he was trying to open them and Nathan climbed on it and it fell. He also added, " just fell, but Baby didn't even cry so I didn't bother you." I simply rolled my eyes and returned to the couch.

They are napping now and I am typing this as the screen literally swirls. I don't even plan to warn Greg before he gets home from work. I just have to see his face when he gets the same surprises I received.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay so you know I have to do it. Here's my debate gripe.



Short and simple that time, but there it is.

Monday, October 6, 2008

We don't have to feel dirty anymore.

We went to the pumpkin patch today and the boys had an amazing time. We took a long hayride. Carson rode a little peddle tractor and a horse shaped tire swing. Nathan touched a ton of pumpkins like he expected one to feel different. We had lunch and the played with other kids. That was all wonderful, but the best thing there was the corn box. It was a giant sandbox (actually there are two) full of sand toys, but there's no dirty sand. It's full of corn kernels. What a fantastic idea. It was so enjoyable. The boys laughed and played. I hopped in there too since other mommies were enjoying the corn as well. Nathan buried his legs and then would splash it like water and send them flying a little. He would laugh so hard. Carson loved the corn, but didn't like that he couldn't make a 'corn castle'. I want one of these, but we live on a wooden lot so I'm sure we'd have 3x more than the 50 squirrels that already live in the backyard within an hour and the raccoons which we've managed to avoid would probably join in too. I love to see my boys play. I love to see them happy and smile. It is a wonderful memory for me and I won't let this one go. I look forward to sweet dreams of their smiles tonight.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The VP Debate- My Disappointment

Wow- 2 posts in one day!

Well, I watched the debate that night and was disappointed, as I was with the presidential debate. So here are some of my complaints (don't think you'll hear me say who I am voting for, b/c I believe that's a personal decision and don't want to get any nasty comments).

-I felt that I got very, very few (if any) real answers to questions. I wanted to hear their policies. I wanted to hear their opinions for real. Not the same old crap we get every election where they skirt around the question or totally change the topic.

-Do these politicians not watch the TV or read the news themselves? Seriously, CNN, FOX News, ABC news, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, The View girls (all of them), every major paper, website, etc. said "we want to hear them talk about themselves, answer the questions with their opinions and policies, not reiterate what Obama and McCain have said or done" Well, was that done, not until the last few questions and even then they had to throw a little Obama/McCain in there. We needed to know more about them. There is a possiblity (kind of big this year) of them becoming the president. Let's face it, it would be a tradegy and if you haven't thought about it, you're lying or brain dead. McCain is older and has had some health issues in the past although reportedly currently healthy (which I believe or he wouldn't have been the Republican nominee) but there's not assurance he won't become ill and Obama is at a higher risk of attempted assisination. I hate that thought of that happening, but it's the truth. So I was angered a little that neither Biden or Palin had much to say about themselves.- Ugh, Argh-

- The moderator let Palin change the subject when the time for that topic had long ended and another topic was begun. This is not approriate and I believe that the moderator did this b/c she was concerned at the controversy surrounding her book. It didn't display the qualities of a good moderator and was frankly against the debate rules. The most irritating thing about that is that Palin didn't go back and address the question that was posed before she asked if she could go back to discuss Afghanistan for a moment. Then Biden responded to Palin on Afghanistan and neither ended up answering the original question and it was not asked again. Unacceptable.

- They both spoke very well. I was impressed that Palin did much better than her past interviews made people think that she could. I also felt that she was not handled with 'kid gloves' as the press was worried Biden would to avoid being called sexist or cruel. Now, while the spoke well, neither was able to support themselves with clear facts. Defend yourself, back the other into a corner. If you are going to argue that 'so and so' said 'such and such' then have the date, have the place, to support your statement. Get names right people. A slip is one thing, but to slip on someone's name over and over is ridiculous (Biden). Palin stating that she was connected to families b/c she had raised kids when Biden raised his kids alone under horrible circumstances was not a smart move.

Update on Operation Toy Disappearance

Well, the toys have been packed up for a week now and they haven't noticed. Carson hasn't said a thing. He hasn't asked for anything. So as if I didn't already know, that solidifies that they have WAY too many toys. I'm actually planning to pack up so more this weekend. Why not? They are still dragging out everything(especially Nathan). Nathan loves to dump things out and once it's all out, he will put some back and dump it out again. This is a great game, but I'd like him to only play it will one tote of things at a time. -sigh- As we speak he's loading a tote with some toys and dumping it back out. Oh to be so easily entertained. I wish we didn't grow out of that, but I guess then we wouldn't be too productive as a society.