Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do

Today Nathan had a check-up with Dr. Dobbs. He had to have an x-ray of his legs and feet before his exam. It was very simple. He needed to stand on a box while the 'camera' took the photo from a few feet away. However, Nathan was screaming his head off the whole time (though he did keep his legs still while grasping my shirt). I was given a lead vest to wear, and the x-ray tech took Carson with him into the room where they push the button to keep him away from the x-rays. Carson was back in the room screaming, "Nathan, it's okay. It's only a picture. Say cheese!"

After the x-ray, the orthopedist needed to make molds of Nathan's feet and legs to make him a new brace for his quickly growing feet. Nathan immediately started screaming when we sat him on the table. Normally he's calm for all this, but I guess today's appointment at naptime was not a good moment for him. As he was on the table and Dr. Dave was wrapping the plaster cast, Carson was asking him every question he could think of about the process. Here's a little of their conversation: (btw- this has nothing to do with the post topic, it's just cute to me when preschoolers are inquisitive.)

"What is that?"
"It's plaster."
"What's that pink bucket for?"
"I'm going to fill it with water so I can get the plaster wet."
"Why would you want to get it wet?"
"So I can put it on your brother's leg and make a mold."
"What's a mold?"
"I'll show you when I'm done."
"Okay, Now what are you doing?"
"I'm putting the plaster on his foot."
"What's plaster?"
"It's kind of like mud."
"What's mud?"
"Wet dirt."
"Why are you putting mud on my baby's leg?"
"To make a mold so I can make him new shoes."
"What's a mold."
"I'll show you when I'm done."

This conversation (and much which I omitted) was taking place while Nathan was screaming his head off.

After the partially dried plaster mold was removed, he immediately, and I mean immediately shuts off all the tears and screams. Dr. Dave washed off his legs and as I was putting his pants back on, Carson said, in a very motherly voice, "That was not bad at all. It was just mud, you like mud. It didn't hurt so we don't need to cry like that next time, okay Nathan?" He even had my hand gestures mimicked as he said it. The irony of it is that Carson is the kid at the ped's office that is literally dragging his feet and he's the kid at the JCPenney Portrait Studio crying and running out of the room.

On the way home, we stopped for haircuts. Nathan went first and he started screaming the moment he sat in the chair. The time before, he sat there on his own and giggled when the clippers tickled his neck. He screamed and screamed this time and didn't even want the sucker they gave him. During all this, Carson was at his feet telling him, "It's just a haircut. It doesn't hurt. It's with the tickler thing, that's all."

When Nathan's cut was complete, it was Carson's turn. I told him to climb in the chair and he starts off running and crying that he doesn't want to do it.

Insert video of me rolling my eyes here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Funny Phrases

Kids say things that are so darn cute.

Carson just came up and said to me, "Guess what Mommy? I peed in the potty! Know how I did it?"

I said, "Did you stand up?"

Carson said, "Wait, umm, ask me if I was sitting down first."

I asked if he was sitting down and he says, "No, I stood up!"

Adorable. The funniest thing is he's been accident free for 4 days and in underwear. He's been standing to pee every time for the last three days, but it's still such a big deal to him. He also tells me before his naps that "when Daddy comes home he's going to be SO proud."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Courage Campaign

My sister posted this on her blog and I want to be sure to spread the message and ask that everyone view this video of love and family commitment. Too often the true sanctity of marriage: to love and honor, is broken. Why would anyone want to force someone to divorce? Why would we ever encourage breaking of homes and families that are strong and loving?

Please view this video and give your support.
Fidelity Video

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seriously Worth Watching

This is adorable. There are a couple really odd parts that make you wonder what kind of life does this kid have?

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

What's with the bow-chicka-bow-wow, porn music?

What's with the 'not my mom' part?

Monday, February 9, 2009

But Butter Goes On Bread

Today the boys and I went to the store to get Nathan diapers and some milk. We walked around the store and found a magnifying glass in the toy department. Carson has been asking for a magnifying glass since last fall and I hadn't found one until today, so I let him get one. On the way home, he started whining and said his finger was stuck. I stop to see and he had put his finger into the hole on the handle that is used for hanging it up. I tried to get his finger out and it was stuck! He started to cry and I told him it was okay and that when we got home, I would put soap or butter on it and it would come off. (I was hoping anyway) He started laughing and said, "but butter goes on bread". I explained how it was slippery and would help get his finger out. He thought that was pretty funny and was calm the rest of the drive home. When we got home, he went to the fridge and got out the butter. I went to get the camera, because I didn't want to miss this Kodak moment. I came back and started to take a picture and he pulled it right off. I said, "oh you got it. Let's put the butter away." Oh, he got very upset and started to cry. "But, I want to put butter on it. Please, can we put butter on it?" Then he spent about 5 minutes trying to get it stuck back on his finger, but he did not succeed. Boys are weird. Preschoolers are weird. Preschool boys are just plain goofballs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holy Piss!

Thank goodness! The boy peed in the potty today! Actually peed, not dripped! I have been waiting for something for so long. Okay so it was once and only once, but hey it's a start. He actually asked if he could try and went and undressed and sat in there alone while Nathan got dressed and he was so proud to announce that he'd done it. There were enormous hugs and kisses and he can't wait to tell Daddy this evening. So wish us luck that it wasn't a fluke.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He ruined it for everybody else!

Carson always wants to go out to eat. Of course because of money reasons, we haven't been to a restaurant for a long time. He usually asks my mom to take him out when he's over there and even names off restaurants he wants to go to.
Monday she kept them while I was at a doctor's appointment. When I went to pick them up, I was planning to take them home for lunch right away. My mom told Carson and I that after her appraiser left, she would take us out and buy us lunch. Wahoo! I was SO super excited. A meal out sounded fantastic and I was hoping Carson would choose Red Robin (one of his favorites), but I'd have been thrilled no matter where it had been.
So the appraiser left and my mom asked Carson what he wanted to have for lunch. His answer...dinosaur chicken nuggets. She asked him if he was sure. Did he want to go get something. No just dinosaur chicken nuggets from his Mimi's fridge. Ugh! You've got to be kidding me.