Monday, September 22, 2008

Memories of my boys

Well, there's very little to put in this post, but I am very happy to have these moments.

In the car one day (about June 08) Carson was in the back and informed me that he had a broken nail. At a stoplight I turned around to see and he had a little hang nail. I told him that when we got home, I would clip it. In a calm, but very serious voice he said, "No, I want it to grow long and get feet and eyes and walk around like everyone else." That is beyond a doubt the weirdest thing I've ever heard a child say. I swear he's a really intelligent child.

Carson's favorite song is "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls (yes I know, bad mommy). At the grocery store he was in the car type cart and singing "don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Which then became " like Mommy" Then in my most embarrassing child moment ever, he yelled out, "Dont's cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like Mommy and Daddy". It was hilarious and so wrong at the same time.

I can vaguely remember when Nathan was just a couple months old, I would lay him on my chest as I laid on the couch and he would sleep so soundly for hours, as I rested too. We did this in the afternoons when Carson would take his nap and many times Greg would get home before either of the boys had woken up and he would find Nathan and I cuddled together. It's really the only 'baby, baby' memory I have of him and I love to think about it.

When Nathan was a about 5 months and extremely drooly because of the teething, Carson made what he thought was a great suggestion. He said, "Let's put baby back in Mommy's tummy and get one that doesn't spitty so much." It was good that he wasn't upset about the idea of having a brother, but just the drool.

When Nathan was first trying to figure out the walking thing, he would try to walk holding onto the back of his tractor ride-on/walker, but it would always go too fast and he'd end up on his face. Then Carson decided to help him and Carson would sit on it and ride really slowly while Nathan would walk behind him. I loved seeing them working together.

I can remember when Nathan first began to walk on his own. He was 14 months old. As he would walk from Greg to I or vice-versa he would laugh and laugh so hard that sometimes it would make him fall. He was so thrilled with what he was doing. It took him until about 16 months to figure out how to stand up without holding onto something, but he got it worked out in his own time.

We went on vacation to SC/NC the beginning of July 2008. The first day we drove several hours and late into the night. When we stopped at a hotel the boys were asleep. We unloaded the car and Nathan woke up, but Carson stayed asleep as we carried him up to the room and put him into one of the two beds. Greg and I were in the other bed sleeping and Carson woke up around 3am. He began crying out, "Where's my living room? I want my living room?" Now I ask you, Why that? Why not, I want my bed or I want my Mommy or Daddy? Children's words can be so adorably cute. I have several memories from this trip of both the boys. I have hopes that things will go up from here.

I know that I need to look back through the sparse pictures and tiny bit of video we have and try to remember those moments, but I guess I'm afraid it would be more depressing to go through each picture and not come up with more memories. I disparately need to start a scrapbook for Nathan and add to Carson's which is just begun. I have looked at starting Nathan's several times, but don't really know what to put on the pages. With Carson's baby scrapbook, I would look through pictures and remember those moments and know that I wanted that photo in the book and could write a little description by it. When I look at starting things for Nathan, I just feel stuck. Where do I start? Anyone have that answer? I could use your comments, here.


Maeve's Mom said...

Make Greg help you. Dad's so rarely participate in scrap-booking, it's a good opportunity for him to get involved, and it will be special to the boys when their older that daddy and mommy did this together. I can try to fill in blanks for you too. I wish I had pictures of when I took your kids with mine to the church picnic, but, getting four out of the house was enough to handle, camera did not get remembered!

mommysitter said...

You have wonderful memories and so many more to come! You're a great mom!