Friday, November 7, 2008

Mike Tyson

Nathan is tough and rough and I've been known to call him mean. I know he's only 18 months old, but he's down right mean sometimes. He's a huge pusher and although he's very tiny, he can dig in his feet and he'll shove with his head until he knocks Carson off or away from something he wants. He will hit and throw things too. He's teething very badly right now. The canines (or eye teeth, whatever you call them). I know they are hurting him. He's got his hands in his mouth almost all day. He fusses and he's not eating well (which is definitely not like him). Today he's been mean, not aggressive as I usually put it, but just mean. He's taking everything from Carson then throwing it down once he's gotten it. He's shoving and hitting and he's biting today. Carson came to show me very deep teeth marks on his upper arm today and told me several times about him biting him. Nathan's been in time-out a lot today and he's been throwing major tantrums. They were both playing on the mini kid's trampoline and having a fine time together and then Nathan tried to shove him off. I hear Carson start screaming and he runs to me crying. Nathan had bit his ear! Hard! He had teeth marks and a very red ear. Carson was never a biter or a shover. He was a very sedate child. Nathan is a total opposite and I'm at my wit's end.

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