Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When I lost my virginity.

I voted today for the very first time! (aside from high school royalty)

It was so exciting and although most of you will laugh largely over this; I teared up a little bit filling in that first circle for our new president.

So yes, yes, yes, shake your finger, shame me for being 30 and never voting before, but I did vote today and I hope that you can all see the great in that over the shame of having not voted in prior elections.

I'm glued to the TV tonight as well, just waiting to see if the majority of voters feel the same as I do. I'm excited. So excited. Excited for change in the country and excited to feel a part of it.


Maeve's Mom said...

I first voted in 1992, but I still teared up a little filling in that same circle. I felt silly admitting it, but since you said it first....It's a happy day at our house (even though Maeve has a mild concussion). Hooray for you for voting!

mommysitter said...

Although I wish you had voted differently, I'm happy you voted :)