Friday, January 23, 2009

Polly want a cracker?

I know, I know, it's normal for his age, but oh my it makes me nutty sometimes...Carson loves to repeat things. If he sees a video or reads a story or sees a commercial than he's running around the house for weeks reciting the lines. Oh, I'm so tired of hearing "Nationwide is on your side", "To infinity and beyond!", and "Spiderman" complete with sound effects and pretend web tossing. That one is the oddest since he's never seen a spider man video or cartoon. Oh the things they pick up (sigh).
Yesterday I was so excited for lunch time because I figured at least he'd have his mouth full some of the time and he knows it's against the rules to be loud at the table and scream out those type of lines. He ate all his lunch and then asked for crackers; round ones specifically. He always wants crackers and would eat nothing else if allowed. After I informed him the round ones were all gone and his choice was square or rectangles, I realized he's like a parrot. He repeats everything he hears, most of what we say to him, and he loves crackers.

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Tad & Blythe Miniken said...

Nationwide is on your side!!! I just about choked I was laughing so hard! Funny things these little kids of ours...