Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peace to you, Dr. Ponseti

I am sure a man who worked into his 90's did not simply pass away and decide to 'rest in peace'. So I wish you peace, and love in your everlasting life. I hope you do take some time to simply rest and recognize all the things you have done for so many families around the world.
I am saddened at the loss, but it is a blessing that he lived such a long life and did not linger, suffering. I hope he is watching all his little miracles running along.
My love and prayers for comfort go out to Helena and all of Dr. Ponseti's family and friends.

Read a bit of Dr. Ponseti's amazing story. His story is wonderful beyond his clubfoot treatment.

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Jo-Ann said...

I was so sad to hear this news today. The world has suffered a great loss. Even though we never met him, I did email him once 6 yrs ago and he contacted me immediately with is professional opinion of what was wrong and who to see. Then, later, I was led to an amazing doctor trained by Dr Ponseti himself.

Dr Ponseti has singly handly changed the lives of so many children. May he rest in peace knowing how many walk in his footsteps.