Friday, March 6, 2009

A great day outdoors again.

Today we went to my parents' house to help them move some furniture. While Carson and I were outside enjoying the weather, the new neighbors' daughter came over. I'd guess her abou 14. She was immediately chatty and talking with Carson. Her sister and another older boy were riding bikes. Carson wanted to go watch them on the sidewalk. She went with him and they played catch for the longest time. Carson was running and laughing and just in love with the fun of his new 'friend'. I loved to see it. It broke my heart again though to see how happy I know he'd be at a preschool. Later Nathan woke up from his nap and he and I both went over by them and the two girls that are close in age to Carson and Nathan came outside. This teenage girl was playing with them all. Nathan wouldn't leave my lap, but she was still playing with him and actually got him talking and eventually he even held her hand and went for a walk without me. We went in their backyard and played on the swingset my boys were in love with the day and both cried and cried when we finally went in at 6:15 after the mosquitoes were biting. This girl was a sweetheart and so great with kids. I wish she lived nearby us and I'm sure the boys do too! (Especially Carson with his love of older women.)

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