Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heartbreaking Beautiful Day Outdoors

Oh, time outside was a blessing, but heartbreaking. My son is just dying to play with the bigger boys across the street. They were outside playing baseball today and Carson was just in tears that he wanted to go across the street. I told him that he was not allowed to cross the street by himself and we were not invited to come over there. The oldest boy heard Carson crying and started hitting the balls across the street and letting Carson throw them back. His younger brother would take turns with Carson 'catching' the ball and throwing it back. After they went inside, Carson was so heartbroken and wanted to go to their house. Then he saw bigger kids riding their bikes down the street and started crying that he wanted his bike (Diego tricycle). Everytime he would see another kid (all much older) he'd beg to go with them even though he doesn't know them. He kept saying, "but I'll look both ways. I'll stop, look, and listen." I was truly about in tears to see him want others to play with. We don't have neighbors his age, don't know many people here at all, and can't afford preschool. It's just sad to see him feeling lonely. I know how bad lonely can hurt.

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