Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mom Jeans

Oh yes ladies, you've all see them. You've all thought, 'why would anyone wear these things.' Well, I'm beginning to wonder if this style needs a come back. I was at an event for preschoolers and parents last week. It was a great event. Parents and kids were at tables and on the floor becoming an enormous mess of stamps, paint, glitter, dirt, flour and about any other substance known to stain clothes. I really enjoyed being down on the floor with my boys and watching them cover themselves in gunk. I could see the enjoyment of other moms and dads with their kids as well. I could also see the cracks of many mommies. With the rise in the popularity of low rise jeans and low rise undies even, these kinds of events are full of so much crack that the police should be monitoring for drug dealers. I don't claim not to ever show my undies or crack. I'm sure I unknowingly do as I'm not a fan of Mom Jeans either. I do wonder though if Mom Jeans become more popular as people get older not because older people tend not to keep up with the latest styles, but more because their children get older and start to voice their embarrassment of all their friends singing "I See London" to their mom at school events.

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Monkey's Momma said...

So true. I almost think I would rather see Crack than the top of thong underwear, though! Ughh