Friday, October 24, 2008

Things I don't want to forget

Tonight Greg was out running an errand at the hardware store. He took the boys with him and was later than he expected to be so he picked up some fast food. When they got home I was in the basement and Carson asked if he could eat down there if he didn't have any BBQ sauce. (I thought that was smart of him, but he's my kid so of course I do.) So they had a 'picnic' in the basement. Mostly Nathan just walked around with food, but Carson ate his dinner. Greg and I were doing some work while they were eating and we hear Carson say. "I'm all done. May I be excused, please?" My heart just swelled with love and pride. He's on the basement floor and his brother's walking around with food and Greg and I are working on things and my boy still used his manners! I think that was amazingly sweet and I couldn't resist praising him and covering him in kisses.

Today we all danced to "I've Got a Song in my Tummy" and did the movements and sang it. Sweet little Nathan looked back and forth from Carson to me and followed along with the movements. He was so cute leaning over to get his toes and squeezing his nose, and my favorite...the 'song in my heart' was actually his hand on his neck, but hey he gave a great performance!

I am part of a private message board with a group of women and a few days ago one of the girls called me. Carson and Nathan were playing in the bedroom. Well, when the phone rings, Carson has to run and ask who it is. So I told him it was Mommy's friend and he didn't know her. He said, "Is she from your board".

I was making cookies a couple days ago and I had the first sheet in the oven. The timer went off and I checked them, but they needed a couple more minutes. I sat down and then forgot all about them. Not just for a few minutes but for about 10 minutes. They were beyond being edible if dipped in milk. I said, "Oh no, I burnt the cookies!" Greg asked how badly. "I said, they are really burned." I put the next sheet in the oven and sat down on the couch. Carson came over and said, "Are the cookies burned?" I told him, "Yes, Mommy forgot to take them out on time so they burned." He got a very serious look and a serious voice I've never heard before and said, "It's okay. We'll call Mimi and she'll know what to do." Where did he get this idea? So I said, "Ok" and didn't give it another thought. He was still standing there and said, "Mommy, it's okay. Call Mimi and she'll know what to do!" His inflection was adorable. So guess what, I had to call my mother and tell her I burned cookies and need to know what to do with them. She laughed and suggested I throw them out. Thank goodness I have Carson and my mom to help me through the really hard times.

Today Nathan did a little dance in the living room and then he began to turn in circles which is often does. He finally got himself too dizzy and fell down and bumped his head on the entertainment center. He was a little fussy and then started crying and came to me. I picked him up and hugged me and he was bawling. Then Carson calls loudly from his bedroom, "Baby! Baby, come in my room and play on the bed!" Nathan stops crying instantly, slides down and goes running down the hall.

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