Monday, October 6, 2008

We don't have to feel dirty anymore.

We went to the pumpkin patch today and the boys had an amazing time. We took a long hayride. Carson rode a little peddle tractor and a horse shaped tire swing. Nathan touched a ton of pumpkins like he expected one to feel different. We had lunch and the played with other kids. That was all wonderful, but the best thing there was the corn box. It was a giant sandbox (actually there are two) full of sand toys, but there's no dirty sand. It's full of corn kernels. What a fantastic idea. It was so enjoyable. The boys laughed and played. I hopped in there too since other mommies were enjoying the corn as well. Nathan buried his legs and then would splash it like water and send them flying a little. He would laugh so hard. Carson loved the corn, but didn't like that he couldn't make a 'corn castle'. I want one of these, but we live on a wooden lot so I'm sure we'd have 3x more than the 50 squirrels that already live in the backyard within an hour and the raccoons which we've managed to avoid would probably join in too. I love to see my boys play. I love to see them happy and smile. It is a wonderful memory for me and I won't let this one go. I look forward to sweet dreams of their smiles tonight.

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A Buns Life said...

What a great idea....and even better that you didn't have to hose them down when they were done playing! :)