Friday, October 17, 2008

Toddler Tornado

So I'm sick today. The nasty tummy kind. I'm also very, very dizzy and stumble whenever I get up. I got the boys breakfast this morning (frozen waffles and fruit). After breakfast I laid down on the couch to rest and they played in the living room and their rooms. Carson asked for a snack and as soon as Nathan heard that word he was in the kitchen hollering. My head was spinning so I asked Carson to bring me something out of the pantry and a plate from the clean dishwasher. He brought me pretzels and two bowls. I filled them each and Carson put the bag back into the pantry. All seemed to be going fine as I laid on the couch with my head spinning. They were loud and hollering and I heard toys being dumped out and typical noisy boy play, but they were getting along better than usual. This is should have worried me.

I got up about 11:30 to get them something for lunch. I noticed that there are toys everywhere and under the layer of toys was a layer of Nathan's pretzels and his empty bowl. Apparently, they were not appetizing to him. I just gave it a silent 'whatever' and got their lunch ready. After lunch I walked down the hall to the restroom and glanced into Carson's room. His curtains were on the floor and the curtain rod (just the cheap kind) was still held by screws to the wall, but broken in half and sticky out on each end. WTF? Seriously? Can a sick mom not just rest on a couch? Why is this not possible? How do they know I'm so out of it that I wouldn't hear such a thing take place? Oh they are crafty, little boogers.

I ask Carson what happened in his room (which is also covered in toys and his blankets and pillow). He said that they wanted to open the window but he didn't want to ask me because I was sick and needed to rest (love when he uses my own words against me). So he was trying to open them and Nathan climbed on it and it fell. He also added, " just fell, but Baby didn't even cry so I didn't bother you." I simply rolled my eyes and returned to the couch.

They are napping now and I am typing this as the screen literally swirls. I don't even plan to warn Greg before he gets home from work. I just have to see his face when he gets the same surprises I received.

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Monkey's Momma said...

Hope you feel better soon!