Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on Operation Toy Disappearance

Well, the toys have been packed up for a week now and they haven't noticed. Carson hasn't said a thing. He hasn't asked for anything. So as if I didn't already know, that solidifies that they have WAY too many toys. I'm actually planning to pack up so more this weekend. Why not? They are still dragging out everything(especially Nathan). Nathan loves to dump things out and once it's all out, he will put some back and dump it out again. This is a great game, but I'd like him to only play it will one tote of things at a time. -sigh- As we speak he's loading a tote with some toys and dumping it back out. Oh to be so easily entertained. I wish we didn't grow out of that, but I guess then we wouldn't be too productive as a society.

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