Friday, October 3, 2008

The VP Debate- My Disappointment

Wow- 2 posts in one day!

Well, I watched the debate that night and was disappointed, as I was with the presidential debate. So here are some of my complaints (don't think you'll hear me say who I am voting for, b/c I believe that's a personal decision and don't want to get any nasty comments).

-I felt that I got very, very few (if any) real answers to questions. I wanted to hear their policies. I wanted to hear their opinions for real. Not the same old crap we get every election where they skirt around the question or totally change the topic.

-Do these politicians not watch the TV or read the news themselves? Seriously, CNN, FOX News, ABC news, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, The View girls (all of them), every major paper, website, etc. said "we want to hear them talk about themselves, answer the questions with their opinions and policies, not reiterate what Obama and McCain have said or done" Well, was that done, not until the last few questions and even then they had to throw a little Obama/McCain in there. We needed to know more about them. There is a possiblity (kind of big this year) of them becoming the president. Let's face it, it would be a tradegy and if you haven't thought about it, you're lying or brain dead. McCain is older and has had some health issues in the past although reportedly currently healthy (which I believe or he wouldn't have been the Republican nominee) but there's not assurance he won't become ill and Obama is at a higher risk of attempted assisination. I hate that thought of that happening, but it's the truth. So I was angered a little that neither Biden or Palin had much to say about themselves.- Ugh, Argh-

- The moderator let Palin change the subject when the time for that topic had long ended and another topic was begun. This is not approriate and I believe that the moderator did this b/c she was concerned at the controversy surrounding her book. It didn't display the qualities of a good moderator and was frankly against the debate rules. The most irritating thing about that is that Palin didn't go back and address the question that was posed before she asked if she could go back to discuss Afghanistan for a moment. Then Biden responded to Palin on Afghanistan and neither ended up answering the original question and it was not asked again. Unacceptable.

- They both spoke very well. I was impressed that Palin did much better than her past interviews made people think that she could. I also felt that she was not handled with 'kid gloves' as the press was worried Biden would to avoid being called sexist or cruel. Now, while the spoke well, neither was able to support themselves with clear facts. Defend yourself, back the other into a corner. If you are going to argue that 'so and so' said 'such and such' then have the date, have the place, to support your statement. Get names right people. A slip is one thing, but to slip on someone's name over and over is ridiculous (Biden). Palin stating that she was connected to families b/c she had raised kids when Biden raised his kids alone under horrible circumstances was not a smart move.

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