Monday, May 11, 2009

Jack In The Box is a bad influence! Please spread the word.

Greg took Friday off to have a special day with the boys at the Zoo Friends Day. He decided he wanted to make a whole special day of it.
He said he wanted to have breakfast at Jack in the Box before the zoo. (He really just wanted an excuse for their chicken biscuit.)
As we sat at the table eating our greasy breakfast, Carson says, "Jack isn't wearing a helmet on his motorcycle and that's against the law!" He had a very strong tone of disapproval in his voice.
I looked around to see what he was talking about and he pointed to a poster on the wall of Jack on a motor scooter driving in heavy traffic. He kept telling us that was 'bad' and 'against the law'.
I told him that later we could email Jack or call him and tell him. He was very interested in the idea of calling. So we called the 1-800 number from the restaurant and Carson informed the customer service rep of this unlawful and dangerous behavior Jack was involved in. The man seemed to be a bit confused as to why would we call with this comment, he obviously has no children.
So yet, it was a funny observation for my just turned 4 year old to make, but as I sat there thinking about it, I thought, shouldn't Jack be showing the kids the right thing to do? I mean shouldn't he be more concerned about his safety? He did just survive a horrible accident, coma, and attempted take-over. Did he not learn any lesson from this?
Jack, I am disappointed and I think you owe it to the public to begin an immediate PSA promoting the importance of helmet safety.


Heidi said...

What a wonderful mother you are for teaching him to recognize that Jack wasn't wearing a helmet and that is dangerous!!! Go Mom!!

(It isn't against the law here in PA, but I always tell Jenn that those who wear helmets have a brain worth protecting!)

Heather said...

The comment about a brain worth protecting is so true. I have no idea if it's illegal in CA, but anything that's against the rules for Carson he calls 'against the law'. hehe

Jo-Ann said...

I was looking around at blogs today and found yours. I wanted to say hello from another clubfoot mommy.

My son (now 6 yrs) was born with a left clubfoot. He also has some other issues that are making correction more difficult. We are currently traveling from Canada to see Dr Dobbs. We were there for 3 1/2 weeks for serial casting (again) and are going to be back for another appointment on Monday.

I hope you don't mind me adding you to my foot blogs on my blog list.