Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now my other boy is getting big too fast too

On Saturday, Nathan turned 2 years old. How are my boys growing up so fast? Having their birthdays so close together makes it extra hard when I'm having those, 'they are growing up too fast' feelings.

Sweet little Nathan seemed to understand that it was a special day for him. We actually celebrated both the boys birthdays with family together so we had two cakes and two rounds of Happy Birthday.

They both loved opening their presents and tore right into them. One of the things I love about little kids is that they really appreciate their presents. They would tear into a gift and get so excited. They want it opened right then and there to play with. All the other gifts are left unwrapped while they enjoy the one they just opened. We have to remind them to stop and open something new.

When it was cake time, Nathan was bawling his eyes out. He did not like the fiery candles and so his cousin, Maeve, blew them out for him. When it was time to eat cake, he just picked at it mostly. He wasn't all that interested in it. Instead he enjoyed some of the fantastic blackberries and strawberries that Grandpa had brought him. Nothing could be a better dessert to Nathan than berries.

Grandpa made him a special kind of birthday 'cake'.

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Jo-Ann said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!

They do grow up to fast don't they? I can't believe my baby is 5 already! Sniff sniff.