Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Nathan has entered the 'do it himself stage'. It's actually been this way for a couple months. I love it most of the time because it's so adorable to watch him try and do things himself, but oh boy does it make trying to get ready for something quickly just impossible.
His other new independent demand is that he must be allowed to put on his brace by himself at naptime and bedtime. Of course for the sake of his foot, I can't allow this, so we have a compromise that as of now, he's willing to accept. He gets to put the insert and the pringle onto his foot and then I actually put his foot into his brace. Then I have to put the straps through the buckles and hold them tight while he pushes the velcro the rest of the way down.
If he finds his brace anywhere around the house he will spend forever sitting quietly and practicing putting it on himself. I must admit there have been times when he's driving me crazy so I give it to him just to keep him busy.
It's just funny to look back now and think about how worried I was that this would be so awful for him and make it so hard for him to sleep.


Jo-Ann said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute!

Heidi said...

How totally precious!

Jo-Ann said...

Hi Heather!

We did visit the Magic House, Science Center and Zoo as well as the Arch. We also did some geocaching so we made it to a few parks as well. I really like St. Louis. Really nice city.

Thanks for visiting my blog!