Friday, May 1, 2009

My boy is four!

Today is Carson's birthday. I know it's such a cliche, but I can't believe how fast time has gone. It just doesn't seem possible for him to be just a year away from kindergarten. He will start preschool in just a few months and I wonder what he will be like as a student.
I got a developmental email from babycenter today and it mentioned that 3 year olds are energetic and 4 year olds are the same, but with more self-control and a better understanding of the rules. REALLY? It seems like the last 2-3 weeks, Carson has been insane. He seems wilder than usual and just the loudest he can possibly be.
This year was the first year I've told him it was his birthday. Previously, I've just told him it was his birthday on the day we had his party so as not to confuse him. Well, he seems to understand the difference in his birthday and his party day, but he's not happy about it. He wants to know where his friends are and he wants to have his party and his presents and his balloons now. He has mentioned several times that he wants ALL his friends to come over today. This is funny since he really only has one friend and his two cousins.
I let him have a special day and choose lunch, which of course led us to McD's. Ugh. He loved it though because for some reason eating inside the McD's is just fantastic. He immediately announced it was his birthday to the cashier. The manager overheard and after he'd eaten his Happy Meal, she brought him a bunch of mini M&M's (I'm sure from making McFlurries). He was on cloud 9. I then took him to the grocery store and told him he could pick cupcakes or a little cake for dessert tonight. He got a chocolate cake with white icing and about 8 pounds of colorful frosting balloons. For dinner we went to Pizza Hut and yeah, Connie was their so we requested her section and ordered a $10 Panourmous. What a day full of about 1000 calories more than a child should ever consume.
I swore to myself that I would catch up on the scrapbooks before their birthdays, and yet Carson's 3rd year is barely started and Nathan is more behind. So much for self-promises.


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Carson!!!!

The Stein Family said...

Happy birthday Carson! (Oh and don't feel bad about the scrapbooks -- I haven't filled out most of jonathan's baby book and he'll be 3 in July...with one more on the way I honestly wondered if i should buy another baby book, since it's not likely i'll fill it out :)

Jen said...

Happy birthday to him! I have found 4 to be a challenging age with all of mine so far, but it is a lot of fun when they aren't out of control crazy.