Friday, May 29, 2009

What the World Needs Now is Love

I do not understand the argument that allowing same-sex marriage cheapens/changes/diminishes the importance of traditional marriage. How? No one's marriage; no teenagers who are not even clear on the true meaning of love; No celebrity who is married every 4 months for only a week at a time; No polygamist marriage(s).... NO MARRIAGE diminishes the importance of my marriage to my husband. If you believe that your love, vows, unity, commitment, etc in your own traditional marriage is compromised by allowing same-sex couples to marry, please, please explain how. Explain to me why your feelings of love and commitment are changed by the actions of people outside of your union.

If you are using the name of God to protest equal rights for gay people, I have a question. This is not made to be insulting, just a question about how it's justified based on what I, as a Christian, was taught.

God made his children. We are all his children.
God is perfect. He does not make mistakes.
God gave us each natural feelings and emotions. He gave us sexual feelings as well. He gave us feelings of love beyond friendship.
God wants us to commit to the one we love and to be faithful to them. is God a reason to not allow two people who are his children, his perfect children, to love one another and commit to each other under the presence of God and family?

Before you tell me that being homosexual is a choice. Seriously? First get an education in biology.
Homosexuality is how a person is made, how God made them. Asking them to pretend they are not gay, is asking them to deny the person God made them to be. The person God choose for them to be.
There are many strong traditional families that have more than one homosexual child.
Get an education in common sense.
Explain to me why millions of people would choose to live a life loving someone they didn't really feel that kind of love towards. Why would they deny themselves basic civil rights? Why would they make their lives insanely difficult at many times? Answer: no one would.

Now comes the absurdity of those who argue that if we allow same-sex marriage, then we make it okay for children to be raised by homosexuals and that is dangerous for children. The ridiculous argument that children are harmed by being raised by a gay couple or will become gay only because they were raised by a gay couple makes me furious and hysterical with laughter at the same time.
Children need parents who love them, respect them, hold them, teach them, listen to them, feed them, and give them all the things they need. Many children are raised in 'untraditional' homes. Millions of children are raised in single parent homes, adoptive homes, foster homes, abusive homes of various kinds, homes with a mom and a dad who are in no way in love with one another, group homes, boxes on the street with no parents. There are not many of those homes that I would want my children going to if something happened to us.

I guess all in all, I don't understand the reason for hating anyone, spreading that hate, allowing your differing opinion to diminish the sanctity of your own union. I do not understand not wanting children to have homes where they are loved.


Heidi said...

I fell in love with a person. That person's body didn't matter to me. It was that person's heart and soul that took my love. I can't change who I fell in love with. I never would.

You rock.

Monkey's Momma said...

What a great post. I could not agree more. I am a Christian, and I have gay and bisexual friends. That doesn't matter to me. As Christians, our job is to show the love of God, not judge others harshly.